It’s a classic idea – one that has happened from the beginning of time – having a friend or family member design your website!  While it may be a good idea to start out with, you must be aware of the dangers of asking a friend or family member design your site.  Just because someone […]

You hear a lot about “brand” as a business owner, but what does it mean and why is it so important?  It’s a valid question, one that needs to be examined.  Your brand is what you promise to your customer whether it’s retail, B2B, informational, or a blog.  Brand tells your audience what they can […]

There are not many things in life that you can neglect, and not have it directly affect you.  A good recipe in the crock pot tastes great after sitting a few hours.  A retirement and savings account can pay a great dividend when you let it sit and mature. However, a website isn’t one of […]

 Kris Butler, owner of The American Dog Obedience Center, located in Norman, Oklahoma, is proud to announce the publication of the second edition to his first book, Therapy Dogs Today: Their Gifts, Our Obligation. The book explores issues that surround the environments for therapy dogs today. This edition allows readers to read some of the […]

Phishing scams are as old as the Internet. The idea of phishing is to get unaware consumers to click on links that appear to be legitimate in the hopes that personal financial information is sent over the Internet. Phishing scams often come in the aftermath of a disaster, playing off the sensibilities of good-hearted people. […]

Search results and online reputation are very key points for any website owner, always aiming for the absolute best. If you are familiar with Google News, the search engine giant continues to revolutionize the internet with its software algorithms that determine the precision page listing of each and every site. The new tech term to […]

We are saddened by the events of the May 20 tornado that cut a path of destruction through Moore, South Oklahoma City and eastern Oklahoma. Our hearts grieve at the lives lost and the property damages done to homes and businesses.  In the aftermath of this destructive tornado, Oklahoma Web Design wants to give back […]

The business landscape is a unique one today.  The public’s perception of a business can be Googled in an instant, but that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust, by holding strong standards for best practices and trustworthy businesses. […]

April 21, 2013

American Kennel Club’s National Agility Champion Congratulations to clients Kris and Dennis Butler, owners of American Dog Obedience Center in Norman, Oklahoma; on their recent win from American Kennel Club’s 2013 National Agility Championship. Clients since April 2001. 8-year-old black Labrador Retriever, Henry, is American Kennel Club’s 2013 National Champion Agility Dog.  Henry won the […]

In many ways, your website can be compared to a business card. If a company didn’t have a business card, the representation of the business could definitely be presented as less than credible. In the same way, a website can help give your business a strong credible appearance, making your business stand out among the […]

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