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What to Expect in Digital Marketing for 2021

Digital marketing is often misunderstood and misused. With the advancements in digital marketing technology and analytics, it becomes more prevalent to utilize digital marketing to your advantage. With 2021 comes a new way to operate across all digital channels – especially as customer behavior changes.  In 2021, expect another shift in customer behavior and digital [...]

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Why You Should Use and Update Your Google My Business

Google remains the predominate search engine for users across the web. Now, more than ever, utilizing Google My Business works as an advantage for your business. Next to your website, your Google My Business is an important element to getting your business the most exposure. Potential customers are searching for products and services online multiple [...]

Digital Analytics: Deciphering What’s Important and What’s Not

If you asked 100 digital marketers the question of which metric is most important for your business to focus on, you'll get 100 different answers. As digital marketing experts adapt to the next generation of consumers, while paying attention to the current batch, there is an internal and external struggle that exists. The marketing landscape [...]

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Website text is a crucial component to effective SEO

Your website text is crucial to any search engine optimization campaign moving forward. Text (both quality and quantity) help establish your footing with SEO moving forward. Whether you have 3 web pages or 300, text on your site is one of the determining factors of how your site competes with your competition. It should never [...]

Checking Your Metrics Everyday: Why this is a Bad Idea Going Forward

If you’re a business owner, you want to know how your business is doing from a traffic standpoint. It’s vital to know your stats and evaluate and re-evaluate your business plan to see how it works and where to improve for future plans. These are all important things, but there is a danger in viewing [...]

What SEO and SEM do for Your Website Now and in the Long Run

A common assumption is that search engine optimization services should help you immediately. While that can be true, one must also realize that it is helpful to you in the long run too. The history of search engine algorithms has been that there is every bit as much of an emphasis on strategies now and [...]

The Differences Between Optimization and Promotion

If you have ever tried to market or advertised your business online, you have likely come across websites or forums that talk about website optimization or website promotion. The two are interesting in fact because they all play a similar end-game, but the approaches are different conceptually but not necessarily in practice. Optimization and promotion [...]