Paying attention to your Google reviews is important. It’s always a benefit to have positive reviews, but there is the possibility of a negative review, whether warranted or not. These negative reviews can wreak havoc on your reputation while damaging your SEO in the process. Google reviews are highly visible on your listings pages and is one of the first things customers see. The reasons for monitoring your reviews goes beyond just the visible, but it leaves a mark on your business now and in the long run.

Changes the Way Customers See Your Business

Customers and clients are informed by the star review system. Often, a customer is looking at the reviews to size up your business. Staying above the 4-star threshold is a good rule of thumb. The more positive reviews you can achieve, the better. It is good practice to not only encourage your customers to provide a review, but to follow up and post a response as a courtesy for the customer taking the time to post their comment.

Respond to the Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are going to happen, whether they are warranted or not. Responding shows that you care as a business owner and want to make things right. Even if the review is not revised, seeing concerted efforts to improve your business goes a long way.

Some Negative Reviews Aren’t Business Focused

Sometimes negative reviews are not business focused. Some reviews are written by former employees, acquaintances or even competitors. Reviews written in a false nature are more readily available to be deleted by Google but you should be aware of them as they are posted.

Reviews act as your online reputation. Monitoring your reviews will take you one step further to improving your reputation and your leads. It’s always important to look at your listings reviews to stay ahead of any issues caused by a wayward review.

Flagging Negative Reviews

Google does have an option to not only flag negative reviews, but also flag any images that might be posted on your business listing. Ultimately it will be up to Google as to whether the listing or image is removed. If it seems like a valid post, the majority of the time Google will not remove it. But, if it is irrelevant, or obvious that it doesn’t apply to the business, flagging can be a great way to get a negative review removed.

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