Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Affects on Small Businesses

In Oklahoma, and nationwide, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is something none of us anticipated even just a month ago, yet small and large businesses in Oklahoma are ordered to close by Governor Stitt through April 14th. The uncertainty is by far one of the biggest fears for businesses: those that have thrived just a month ago, are now [...]

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COVID-19 Crisis

Regarding COVID-19: Reassurance to our clients, Oklahoma Web Design & Hosting is remaining fully-functional with a remote workforce, as well as implementing social distancing measures. We have made preparations to ensure daily business operations continue to function normally and have increased our ability to communicate remotely via our standard phone, chat, and email channels. We [...]

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Smithsonian Releases over 2.8 Million Images from Archive Free to Download

The Smithsonian, for the first time in history, has released over 2.8 million high-resolution two-dimensional and three dimensional images from its extensive collection. The collection of images features not only images from all 19 Smithsonian museums, but also includes image collections from research centers, libraries and archives. The exciting news is that these resources are [...]

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New Year for Business: Restart Your Business Goals

The New Year is here, and you might have an existing business or you might have a new business idea in mind. Whichever category you fall into, it is always good to re-establish your goals for the year to get your business off to a great start. Its great to have goals, but every business, [...]

Why choosing a local company should be on your checklist when choosing a design firm

Making the decision to choose a web designer is an especially important one. It should take careful thought into who you want to choose because they are holding a piece of your business into their hands. You want to work with someone that can help you with your vision for your website and take you [...]

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Why using a Web Designer with Experience Matters

When choosing a web designer, you want to make sure you have a designer that has experience. That experience matters immensely moving forward for your web design because programming changes, software changes, and most importantly, the mindset of the public changes. Experience matters when looking for a web designer because that experience turns your website [...]

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Website text is a crucial component to effective SEO

Your website text is crucial to any search engine optimization campaign moving forward. Text (both quality and quantity) help establish your footing with SEO moving forward. Whether you have 3 web pages or 300, text on your site is one of the determining factors of how your site competes with your competition. It should never [...]

Are you being targeted for a cybercrime?

Undoubtedly, you have heard about the recent Yahoo security breach. Yahoo estimates that 500 million accounts were stolen, “in what may be the largest cybersecurity breach ever.” (CNN Money) The information stolen include email addresses, phone numbers, passwords and unencrypted security questions and answers. There is a measure of comfort in that financial data and [...]

What SEO and SEM do for Your Website Now and in the Long Run

A common assumption is that search engine optimization services should help you immediately. While that can be true, one must also realize that it is helpful to you in the long run too. The history of search engine algorithms has been that there is every bit as much of an emphasis on strategies now and [...]

What you need to know about Google’s update machine – Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird

It’s possible you might have heard about Google’s three-headed animal update machine: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Some people generally speak about it or you might have heard it in general conversation, but the nuances of it may still be rather unclear. In essence, these updates are the quintessential updates that help Google determine how your [...]

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