As technology grows, so too does the ability to market to your niches. As a business owner, you want to always be vigilant in determining who you are going to market to and how. Diversifying your marketing strategy to the masses will help your business grow to lengths that you didn’t know were possible. One often overlooked area of marketing is marketing to younger generations, or as other people like to term it, millenials. Millenials can be a hidden niche market because they are more accustomed to taking on newer forms of technology. While traditional marketing aspects are still strong, marketing to millenials can take your business to the next level because they represent a large gap of personnel that is quickly using its youthful experience to influence business.

Here are some ways to market to these younger generations:

  1. Be visually appealing with your marketing – Even simple things such as adding a graphic to your Facebook post or brochure goes a long way. Marketing for years has become more and more visual because there are more programs that allow easier insertion of graphics (some even do it for you). Studies have shown that younger generations (between the age of 20-40) are drawn to visuals, whether it is a graphic or video. Building your brand and building your strategy toward these means will help with the marketing of your brand and business.
  2. Ensure your marketing writeups are concise and pared down. This is good practice even to non-millenials. The idea behind paring down your writeups is because it helps the mind organize the content in a more effective and organized manner. Marketing requires precision and there is no better way to do that than keeping to quick bullet points and numbered points. Of course, there are some marketing techniques that require a level of explanation, but where possible, keep it short and simple, and concise.
  3. Use social media. There is no more effective way to market to younger generations than with social media. 71 percent of social media users are between the ages of 20-40. This number will seemingly grow. Social media is much more effective to use because it is very mobile capable, and users have access to it at all times of the day, literally.

As a business owner, you don’t want to miss any opportunities to market to whomever you can. With millenials representing a largely difficult group to market to, their business is important to receive. Their influence in a very high-paced technological world can be the difference in your business.