If you have had your website for too long, you might want to think about getting it redesigned. As technology and coding changes throughout time, your website may not be up to date on key items such as security. Newer technology changes the way websites look and “act”, giving your site more flexibility. Do you remember what a website (any website) looked like 10 years ago? Now, compare that site today. The difference is markedly different. Here are some examples of major reasons why your website may need a redesign.

Security – With online security a major concern, your old website may not protect you as it should. With nearly a million hacking attempts initiated each day, your website may be at high risk. Vulnerability assessments and software checks weren’t available several years ago, as they are now. A hacker shows no regard to how secure (or non-secure) your site is. In some cases, you may even be compromised and not even know it. Newer safeguards and programs are constantly being introduced and are effective, but it does not help you or your website if you don’t get it redesigned or recoded.

Mobile – Mobile sites didn’t exist several years ago, but now they do – and they are trending. Today, newer CMSs will have features such as mobile- and tablet-friendly sites. With your website using older technology, you miss out on the opportunity to take your website into the next wave of web design. Not all sites work the same when you type it in the smart phone or tablet.

SEO – When you don’t upgrade or update your site, the search engine bots penalize you for that. Using older technologies and templates hurt in terms of search engine optimization because there are features with custom programming, plug-ins, and software that give your website a boost. The search engines know what kind of technology your website works with. They reward or punish accordingly.

You always want a fresh new look to your website. Never is it more important to stay up on the times than now. Website redesigns can only help your business because it helps keep your website updated with newer technology. As older technologies and templates go away, so does the ability to support the technology. Have a professional web designer assess your site. They will help you redesign your site and give it the most capabilities with what is available today.