Any social media platform, in particular Facebook and Twitter, make perfect complements to any SEO program. Even though social media platforms are not on the same algorithm that websites are in the eyes of the search engines, there is a perfect reciprocating system because social media content generates views and content on your behalf. Any organic SEO campaign develops valuable content that stays on the web and continues to build and generate leads, but what social media does is it creates an environment where people are engaged, and where people want to return to get information. Certainly there are other ways a good social media campaign can complement any SEO program.

  1. Keywords become synonymous with your social media platform. Even though social media avenues have different algorithms, your social media accounts become associated with your keywords. In your customer’s eyes they see where the traffic is going with certain keywords. The tendency is first look toward which social media sites come up frequently. Because social media is more easily accessible through mobile devices, the search ideology becomes different.
  2. Social media content builds your brand. Many businesses talk about brand management, but they often refer to it from the point of view from the business. Social media gets the conversation going and with other people engaged in the process, your brand is being built by your customers. That’s the best compliment any one can have.
  3. Your reputation is helped through social media. Not speaking solely in terms of reputation management, but rather in terms of building your “online portfolio”. Much like any SEO campaign, a social media platform helps create your reputation and portfolio online. In some cases, it can be more effective.

Social media holds unprecedented potential if you have a current SEO campaign. It’s always important to have both go hand-in-hand because both can develop your web presence in such a way that your business can see more leads and conversions.