It’s amazing what you find in our inbox. Free pills, low-cost cigars, a millionaire to marry – you get anything and everything today. While some of these offers are enticing, they come at a cost. More than likely you have clicked on one of these emails and tried to “unsubscribe” from them. You feel good about it for a day or two, but then the flood of other spam emails come in – and you start getting hit with viruses. This is typical of unsubscribing to such emails. It’s okay to unsubscribe to sites that are reputable like ESPN or Walmart, but unsubscribing to sites that “randomly” email you isn’t a good idea. In fact, it’s just not a good idea not to open up the email.

Even if your SPAM filter fails and a suspicious email gets into your inbox, delete it and DO NOT OPEN. Opening up an email that is offering cheap cigars or giving away free sleep pills is almost assuredly going to get you a virus. By being more aware of your emails you can avoid any kind of virus infiltrating your system. Some of these viruses can range from small (where it doesn’t really affect anything too important) to big (where it wipes your hard drive and steals your bank account).

Even though you don’t which level it is going to take, you might as well not risk it. Believe it or not, your email is getting hit with approximately 20 SPAM emails each day. Most of them don’t go through but those hackers that send out the emails are banking on at least one getting through – and of those who do get them, at least one in 10 opening up that email.

By unsubscribing you are really doing yourself a disservice. The second you click on that link, your system is infected. Bottom line, just don’t open anything that looks funny. Your computer will thank you!