Every website’s end user experience is different.. There are varying levels of user experience you want to achieve whether you’re in eCommerce or you simply have a blog. In any case, there’s a push for better and greater levels of security. The problem then comes how much security do you need to make sure your users are getting the experience they deserve. If you’ve ever paid attention to the URL, you’ve probably noticed some sites have an “s” after the http. So, what is that and why is it important for you? The benefits of adding a secure connection is two-fold. For starters, the “s” is a secure connection.

In other words, information that is exchanged between you (after you click on the site) and the site is encrypted and can’t be easily hijacked by someone who wants to gather more information from you. Encryption not only helps protect your site but, by extension, the site’s users. How does this bode well for you? Simply this: Google has begun the process of giving better search rankings to websites that use secure, enrypted connections. Google’s mindset on this topic is simple. It’s to give users the best possible sites for the rankings on hand.

The push for greater Internet security is important in an age where hackers are coming out in droves. The “s” connection helps you on the security side of things, but it helps you earn some extra points with Google – both good things. Regardless of what your end motivation is for your website, your users and the user experience should be met with no resistance. Your, and their, personal information and reputation is at stake.

It used to be that any website that had an “s” attached, was a mysterious site that had to have careful consideration to enter. In the very near future, it may be a rare commodity to find a site without the “s”. If you’ll notice any site with an “s” appended to it, there’s a good bet it’s a safe site to go to. For those who have ever worked in the government as a contractor or a civil service employee, the only sites that are allowed to function are those with the “s”. As such, the security is instantly improved. Never take security for granted. The “s” will surely go a long way in your rankings and your reputation.