You often hear about your website needing a “Wow” factor. It sounds good in principle, but what does it really mean. This factor refers to not only a great looking website, but what it does. When you hire a friend of a friend to do your website, or even a family member, they don’t have “Wow” factor in mind. They are merely showcasing their “skills” in doing something as a favor. A trained, and educated graphic designer has this factor in mind because it does three things – and these three things are perhaps one of the most important anyone could ask for in a website.

1) Low bounce rates – Yes, high bounce rates are bad. Bounce rates refer to the number of people who click on or site and leave without looking at another page. Low bounce rates are what you want, and a website that has a “Wow” factor will get that for you. This is an area where you don’t want to neglect because the lower bounce rate you have, the better chance you have of converting that lead into business.
2) Customer retention – Business owners often forget about the customers they do have. Having a customer’s business is one thing, but keeping them is another. A well done website that offers a level of pizzazz offers a greater chance that they will stay your customer. Where do current customers get their information from your company? They get it from the website and literature put out by your business. Your website is the key to keeping your customer’s business.
3) Visual appealing – There is something to be said about having a visually appealing website, but it’s not enough to have stellar graphics. The visual appeal leads to lead generation, which sets you up for a better deals in the future. When a potential customer views a great looking page, they continue through the site wanting the same thing. If you can hook them in early, you’ve done your job.

All of this is of course contingent on someone who knows how to design websites. Websites are not as easy as simply pasting images and text together. It takes real knowledge to design a website that instills a “Wow” factor that sets up your business for success. Rely on someone that has experience and a proven track record for designing fantastic websites.