Oftentimes, we take for granted our cybersecurity, so much so that we continue our digital routine without fear of consequence. The problem is, however, the more lax we get the more scammers are atuned to our follies. One might ask what this has to do with the Equifax breach. It has a lot to do with it, in fact. If you made a credit card purchase or made a rather large purchase that required a loan, you were probably affected.  Taking safeguards against our own financial security will go a long way in fighting what the hackers are doing. What does this mean exactly?

  • It means we have to pay attention to what we buy, how we buy, and where we buy.
  • It means paying attention to our monthly bill to ensure there are no anomalies.
  • It means fighting off the urge to charge more than we need to on our credit cards or opening up other lines of credit.
  • It means being aware of the emails we get and how we respond to them.
  • It also means being smart with checking your credit to ensure you’re in good standing.

Hackers do not care about who they hurt. They care about your information, but your information is the proverbial hacker jackpot. While you can find out whether or not you were affected, this is only part of the battle. Your credit score exposes a lot of cyber activity as it relates to your financial movement.

By taking care of our cyber footprint, we can protect ourselves from the cyber attacks that are seemingly more common. Financial and digital awareness are our best defense. The Equifax breach is known as the largest digital breach in history. While millions of people were affected, many of those millions can and will reclaim their credit again. However, there are those whose breach is so detrimental that the pieces may never be fully picked up. Be aware of your digital surroundings and protect yourself from digital hackers.

It only takes a little awareness every time you decide to purchase something. A few seconds of thought can lead to fewer headaches and loss off sleep in the future.


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