Your website text is crucial to any search engine optimization campaign moving forward. Text (both quality and quantity) help establish your footing with SEO moving forward. Whether you have 3 web pages or 300, text on your site is one of the determining factors of how your site competes with your competition. It should never be neglected; rather it should be a focal point.

One of Google’s three-tiered updates, Panda, intensely focuses on website text – including meta descriptions and meta titles. Setting up a firm foundation is the key to helping your site grow and develop its SEO over time. So, what does the Panda algorithm establish exactly?

  • Establishes high quality sites and shows them ranking higher than lower quality sites.
  • Establishes your whole site quality instead of a page or two.
  • Establishes your credibility with the search engines.

This is why on site text is absolutely crucial to any SEO campaign. If you are unsure as to whether your site needs or requires a good copywriter, think again. Read, re-read and hire the services of an editor and copywriter if you’re ever unsure about it. Think of your on site text as setting the foundation for your future SEO plans. If that falls apart, you have a steeper hill to climb moving forward.

Here are two questions, you should think about in regard to site text for SEO.

  • Would you trust the information that’s on your site?
  • Is there quality content on that site?

Never neglect your on site text; content is king, but it has to be quality content. Talk to your local SEO expert for more information about Panda updates.