The wave of the future is here. You might not know it, but you are taking part in it every time you search your smart phone, whether it’s an app or looking for a phone number to a restaurant. Mobile websites are almost essential in today’s social climate because there is an upswing of individuals who would rather use their smart phones to look up information than go to their laptop or desktop. The ease of convenience of looking at a smart phone or tablet gives users the information they want, when they want it. As a business owner, exactly how important is having a mobile site? More website traffic comes by way of mobile devices. But also, it helps your website’s SEO.

Mobile website SEO is crucial today because the more Google algorhytms change, the more you need a mobile site. One direction Google’s algorythms are going is toward user friendliness. It won’t be long before the other two search engines catch onto that trend. User experience now, more than ever, has become an important player to SEO where website functionality was the key five years ago. Faulty redirects and smartphone-only errors suppress your site’s capability to have an effective SEO program.

A little over four months ago, Google announced a major designation that would affect SEO. The mobile-friendly designation almost requires responsive web design to be implemented – and implemented well if you want your search results on a smart phone or tablet to be respectable. This new label highlights websites with good mobile experiences in the search engines – mobile results, of course.

It doesn’t matter whether an app or a website is being searched on an LTE network or wireless network – the importance of a mobile responsive web design stays the same. If you have doubts, be sure to check your own website on your mobile device. Some examples that Google shared for websites that do not meet the mobile-friendly standard are text being too small, links being too close together, page load times, and mobile viewports not being set.

A mobile website opens your website up to the next generation of web surfing. Your website is a vital tool to help your business succeed. Developing a mobile website helps your website move into the future. As more people trend toward using their smart phones as their web browser, the importance of a mobile-friendly website can’t be understated.

Be sure to check your website for mobile friendliness and contact us if you have any questions about your website.