One of the prevailing questions about your website is whether or not it is user friendly. More often than not, you’re not asking that question enough to really address it. There is nothing more frustrating than having a website that is unfriendly. If anything, it does make you lose out on business. So, how do you know if your website is user friendly? Here are four items to check:

1) Site speed – If your pages take awhile to load, your site is not living up to expectations. Check all sources on your website to make sure you have all your bases covered. Frustrating as it is, a slow website can ruin any kind of lead you would have had.

2) Hyperlinks and pages work – Sadly, not every website is like that. When you use hyperlinks on your site, make sure that they work. If they are internal links, they definitely have to work. It’s a bad reflection on your website when a hyperlink is useless. Internal pages on your website should work too. Any 404 error or other errors turn potential customers off of your website.

3)Media on your site works – If you have a YouTube video or any graphics, make sure they work. We live in a visually appealing society. As such, all videos and graphics should work. When it comes to conveying a message to your customers, all media sources should be accurate and firing on all cylinders.

4)Pages are easy to find – When you explore a website, whether you want to find a Contact Us page or get more information about your product, those pages have to be easy to find. If a potential customer has to spend considerable time looking for a page they want, then you haven’t made your site user friendly.

Of course we can list a number of other things that can make your website user friendly, but these are the top four that have been labeled as the biggest issues to date. Maintaining a website takes time – and you should consult with a website designer who knows how to make your website user friendly. You will be very surprised at how much of a difference that will make. The more user friendly your site is, the more success you’ll have.