A blog can be one of the most powerful tools for your website and its SEO. Many times a blog is misused, or the intention of the blog is misguided. What exactly is a blog? It is a discussion or informational content in the form of a website or web page within a website. For any business, a blog is a window into the business and can be set up in any number of ways to bring information about your business to your potential clients. Blogs are often the most underutilized tool to help businesses grow, but when used right, it helps your website and develops the website’s SEO. Here are three reasons how:

1) It draws traffic to your site. It’s always nice to have more website traffic. Your customer wants to know more about you, your product, and why you’re offering these products. It’s one of the most effective informational tools anyone can have because it’s easily updated and easily accessed. From an SEO point of view, a blog adds an indexed page to your site after every post. The traffic you get from the blog doesn’t hurt either.

2) Conversions of website views to leads. A lead is just as important as a sale. Building leads helps bring more attention to your website. Search engines take notice of that too. The more your company is mentioned, your website clicked on, and information about your company is put online in forums and other posts, the better it is for your business. These results also lend to long-term results, which is discussed below.

3) Long-term results. We know the SEO business is about longevity, but how do we know how to get there with your blog? Because your blog stays online and the information stays with it. Being attached to your site, your “authority” is firmly established on the Internet. Those blogs get optimized and indexed by the search engines, which means you can build on what was established in months, weeks, and days’ past.

Blogs are a powerful tool and if it is used correctly, your business can see unprecedented leads and conversions. Talk to your web designer about implementing a blog for your website.