There is nothing more frustrating than watching any website trudge along to open a page. That was acceptable in the Internet’s infancy, but it’s not acceptable today. Research has suggested that websites with slow load times lead to higher bounce rates, which leads to lost business. A website should serve its function and work when needed to work. Slow load times prevent potential clients from getting the information they want – and need. As a website owner, be sure that every aspect of your site is working precisely as it should.

But here is the biggest way a slow website hurts your business – with it’s SEO. Yes, your website ranking can be hit by slow response and load times. Google’s bot algorithms are so complex that they take into account your website’s speed. When in doubt, check with your web designer to see how you can improve the speed of your site. In the long run of owning a business, you want to make sure your site is running at tiptop shape anyway.

If there is any doubt as to why your business is losing out on customers or your leads dry up, your website speed is a good first place to start. There are many ways to combat the issue of a slow site, but one should always be ahead of that issue instead of behind it.

Do not hesitate to contact your designer and find ways to improve the speed of your site today!