Olson Neaves & Company, P.C.

Oklahoma City CPA Firm

Project: Olson Neaves & Company, P.C. is a professional CPA firm located in Oklahoma City. Logo design ideas from client were to create a professional logo design that was simplistic with only elements of text. The overall feel for the logo should have a very traditional feel, but also an element of something modern or current.

The design concept for the logo incorporates the words ‘OLSON NEAVES’ with a traditional font – to bring an overall feel to the logo of the experience and tradition of the CPA firm. The larger black font brings the eye initially to the words ‘OLSON NEAVES’, secondarily to the cursive ‘O’ and ‘N’, the lastly to the text ‘& Company, P.C.’. The incorporation of the cursive letters are to reflect something symbolic of handwriting, reflective of a signature, to give an overall feel of something unique and personal.