Many websites are taking a more mobile approach, which makes sense given today’s browsing landscape. Recent studies from the Cambridge School of Business suggests that 42 percent of web browsers use their mobile devices to surf the Internet. That encompasses mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and even some smart television formats. In 2010, the Cambridge School of Business conducted the same study and it was only 15 percent at that time. What a difference 5 years make!

Certainly there are advantages to having a mobile website. Here are just a few of those benefits:

1) It improves the SEO of your site. If you have a regular website, a mobile component gives you extra credence in the search engines. The bots do not read it as having two separate websites, but one that reads two websites as one entity, giving you a little more of a competitive edge online.
2) It improves your chances of being seen more. If the trend continues to do what it does, in five years, the majority of web surfers will be on mobile devices instead of traditional ways to get on the Internet. Exceptions would most likely be businesses and perhaps schools. It’s never a bad idea to go with the flow of technology. This will always benefit you.
3) It’s just more convenient for other people. The mobile web fad isn’t just a fad. More than likely, it’s the expected outcome of the future of mobile devices. Let’s face it, it’s an inconvenience to shut down your laptop or desktop at the end of the day. It’s much easier to take your mobile device and close the cover before you go to bed, before you start cooking, even enjoying some quiet time on your patio. You can have that mobile web searching device with you and not be intrusive. This gives people a reason to go ahead and surf more – and often.

The future is now. Production of laptops and desktops is at an all-time low. Getting a mobile-friendly website will earn you more than you ever expected. Be sure to be ahead of the curve instead of behind it. You will find the many benefits of having a mobile-friendly website really soon.