Millenial Marketing: Understanding what we don’t really know

Millenials. You think you know who they are and how to market to them, but what you think you know may not be the whole truth. Millenials are one of the hardest demographics to narrow down, because no one exactly knows their way of thinking from a consumer standpoint. All signs point to we really don’t know the millenial market as well as we should, but here are three ways that you can scratch the surface (and as such, learn how to market to them):

1) Think social. It’s not merely one thing to have a social media account. It has to pop and sizzle, it has to contain information that is engaging to them in such a way that they’ll come back. Ask questions, post to sites that are relevant, engage with your customers, etc. One think about millenials these days are that they have a propensity to zone in on social media. Social media has become a verb these days instead of a noun. 80 percent of smart phone users have a social media app on their phone. As high as that number is, it is a commentary on where our consumer mentality has shifted. If you’re looking for where millenials are essentially buying things, look to social media avenues.
2) Content, content, content. This should never be a dying art. Content is so important, not only in terms of search engine optimization, but in terms of connecting to millenials. Whether it’s content for your site or you’re writing a pamphlet it all holds true. There isn’t a long life span when it comes to looking at content. As such, it has to prove your point, and prove it fast. Using bullet lists aren’t a bad idea; neither is offering a special promotion early in your content. Get your reader hooked fast and you stand a better chance of getting their business. Millenials live on-the-go. Draw their attention fast for the best results.
3) Get involved. Ally yourself with an organization that have good causes. Link to them, promote them, show the public you care too. The one thing about millenials many people miss the boat on is this group of people are active too. They can relate to you, and the more they relate to you, the better chance they have of aligning with you.

The group known as millenials are changing the way everyone markets their products and services. It was the Baby Boomers before but now we have to be ready for the next way of consumers. There is a particular balancing act involved with everything here, but once you get your routine down of watching millenials play online, you can better balance your marketing activities to suit.