Your website is your communication standard for your clients. It is the most accessible to your clients, and oftentimes referrals come at a premium through this source. When you design a website, you want to ensure that your website is communicating to your clients. This is often understated but it’s as important as having a website in the first place. Websites communicate your message to your clients, but more importantly it conveys a sense of direction and ideology that you want to share with them.

If you are a business owner that sells web design services, you don’t want to communicate on your website your love for football or anything random that doesn’t pertain to web design. There’s a time and place to be playful and fun, but not if you’re trying to make a good first impression. It simply doesn’t make sense, but it also undermines your own work. On a similar note, you want to showcase your work, too. One of the best sales pitches you can have is to show your potential clients that you can do the work. Much like an essay, you want to back up all your claims about your work.

Another communication faux pas many business owners have is that they don’t often know who you are. There’s nothing more dispersonal than not having any information about you, your goals, or what you want to achieve for your clients. Part of communication through your website is communicating about you, too. Share your vision and your expertise. In other words, put a professional-personal touch to your website. This will lead your potential clients to better feel you out.

We have mentioned before that websites are your business cards, but extending that one step further, it’s your calling card. Your website must communicate all the things you envisioned for your business, and then some. If you have any doubt about what your website is communicating, contact us at Oklahoma Web Design. We want to help you be successful!