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What an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau Means for You

The business landscape is a unique one today.  The public’s perception of a business can be Googled in an instant, but that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust, by holding strong standards for best practices and trustworthy businesses. [...]

May 16th, 2013||

Featured Client: American Dog Obedience – National Agility Champion

American Kennel Club's National Agility Champion Congratulations to clients Kris and Dennis Butler, owners of American Dog Obedience Center in Norman, Oklahoma; on their recent win from American Kennel Club's 2013 National Agility Championship. Clients since April 2001. 8-year-old black Labrador Retriever, Henry, is American Kennel Club's 2013 National Champion Agility Dog.  Henry won the [...]

April 21st, 2013||

Top Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

In many ways, your website can be compared to a business card. If a company didn’t have a business card, the representation of the business could definitely be presented as less than credible. In the same way, a website can help give your business a strong credible appearance, making your business stand out among the [...]

April 16th, 2013||

Everyday Habits to Safeguard Yourself from Identity Theft

According to the FBI, the threat of identity theft is more pervasive, and the scams are more sophisticated than ever, which include complex online scams of worldwide proportions. A stolen identity is a powerful cloak of anonymity for criminals, enabling them to use methods that can affect not only individuals, but every sector of business, [...]

March 24th, 2013||

BBB Secure Your ID Day

The Better Business Bureau has taken action in identity theft, and has created online resources and events to become pro-active in assisting consumers with identity theft. The next 'Secure Your ID Day' will be April 20, 2013. Protecting your identity is crucial in everyday life, from not only online identity theft, but also securing [...]

March 24th, 2013||

FBI Alert Scam Locks PC’s

The FBI has warned of a new virus called the "FBI Green Dot Moneypack Virus", which is surfacing on the internet. According to, this new type of online extortion is referred to as 'ransomware', which symptoms include locking up PC computer screens with the FBI logo. The falsified FBI splash screen will claim that [...]

March 24th, 2013|| Commercial

New Video Commercial for

January 9th, 2013||

Google Maps – Now Available as a FREE Iphone App

Google never ceases in leading the technology trend. And the latest news is that Google Maps is now available in the Apple App Store. Hours into its launch, it is now claimed the top spot among iphone apps. The new Google Maps app offers great new features with a clean sleek interface. New features include: [...]

December 13th, 2012||