You often see businesses with a Better Business Bureau rating on their website. Looks intriguing and special, but what is it exactly and why should you care? There are multiple answers to that question but the most important one is this: it shows you that they have a business of good reputation and they have a history of doing so. This bodes well for you as you will soon read in how ratings are determined. Working with an A+ rated BBB business is likely to garner better results than one that doesn’t have a rating or a lower rating. A few of the rating factors according the Better Business Bureau is this:

  1. Business’s complaint history to the BBB. Keeping businesses accountable is important to you and your clients. It’s a good sign if businnesses do not have complaints lodged against them for several reasons, but it shows they have a good reputation and care about their service to the community.
  2. Time in business. Showing tenure in a business shows, to an extent, that you are providing the right service to people in your community and that you have their best interests in mind. On the same token, having time in business is an expression that you provide good service to keep that businness continuing.
  3. Transparent business practices. Being upfront and honest about all the services and products will go a long way in the eyes of your client base. It builds that important rapport that will lead to better relationships with a wider group of potential clients.

While these are only a few of the factors that go into a BBB rating, it does indicate that outstanding customer service and transparent business practices are key. With an outstanding rating, chances are good that you get the service that you deserve – and rightfully so. Working with an A+ rated BBB member can net you the proper support you need to get the service you deserve.