website design oklahomaWith the new year quickly approaching, you are undoubtedly figuring out your business plan for the next year. It’s a hard balance to make when you’re trying to finish out the year strong, but oftentimes people forget about their website as a part of their business plan. While a website can effectively be one of the most important aspects of your business, for some businesses its surprisingly the most forgotten. You want to make sure your online presence is solid – and current. Below are reasons why you want to consider having a website redesign for your website:

  1. Generates trust from potential clients – There are sites that have not been touched for several years. When a potential client sees that, they subconsciously think that the business is not interested in taking care of their website, by extension not taking care of their business. Newness at the very least offers the image that you are keeping up with online marketing and cutting edge trends, taking advantage of not only new software, but making sure your site is secure and stable, and most of all, you care about the image of your company. The reinvention of your website can be seen as a reinvention of your business.
  2. Generates trust from your existing clients – Fashion trends come and go quickly. Unfortunately so does your client base. Existing clients utilize your website for services, sales, information, and contact information. If they see your website starting to fall by the wayside, they’re more inclined to leave for someone who utilizes newer technology, faster eCommerce methods, better design…and the list goes on and on. A website redesign helps them see you are serious about maintaining a competitive edge in the market.
  3. Better for your short-term and long-term SEO – Website redesign can effectively catch the eyes of search engine bots. Upon reindexing your site, your SEO is instantly boosted. New meta descriptions and new text, even the new graphics and menu layouts onscreen are some of the items the search engine bots look for in regards to site indexing and the instant boost can be significant.
  4. Improved user experience – The user experience is the single most underrated aspect of website redesign. Even though search engines might like your new website, your customers are humans. Part of the user experience isn’t necessarily just the functionality of the site, but the look of it, too. One goal of a website redesign is to remove the obstacles that would prevent a potential client from using your company. Any fresh design can be engaging for your customers, whether it be online or through printed material, enticing them to not only read more about what our company offers, but to create that fresh polished look online, just reassuring your users that you are ‘taking care of business’ in every aspect.

As the new year approaches, take a good look at your website and consult with your web designer to look at ways to improve your website to stay with the current design trends. Start the New Year right with a completely new website redesign.

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