It’s never too late to consider a website redesign or start your marketing plan over again. As the new year approaches, it becomes a perfect time to start over. Many business owners start the new year with a new vision, or new approach to attract new customers. There’s nothing better than to restart a new vision than with a new website. New or old alike, Oklahoma Web Design has redesigned and created hundreds of websites that not only stand out, but are search engine friendly.

The business landscape changes everyday; it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for the changes. Here are two prime advantages to starting the new year with a new website:

1) Instant boost in search engine ratings – While we can’t guarantee rankings, the search engines enjoy new website even though the domain name remains the same. The indexing algorithms give credence to new websites but the indexing from the old websites never go away. This gives you an instant boost in search engine ratings.

2) It shows customers and clients that you’re committed to change – Many businesses often stay stagnant in their ways. This doesn’t always translate to business success. A redesign shows existing and potential customers that your business is ready to tackle a new generation of technological change.  It also shows that you are committed to changing your business tactics. Research also suggests that new websites lower the bounce rate for your business, giving you a better chance at retaining or earning business.
A new website or redesigned website is a great way to start the New Year.  You will see the numerous benefits a new website affords you.  Contact us for details on how we can help you start the New Year out right!